Thursday, October 05, 2006


Briton’s are “bingoing” mad! Bingo has grown in popularity in recent years and Bingo Halls are no longer the haunt of pensioners, with the game now attracting a younger clientele as well. Even Prince William is getting in on the act. The heir to the throne was spotted at a local bingo hall near Sandhurst, the elite military academy where he is currently training. Apparently he played for an hour but failed to win any prizes.

I tried a bingo game myself a few years ago. I remember it as being very fast moving. My friend who I was with, couldn’t keep up at all with the numbers being called and gave it up as a bad job! I only managed it because I do shorthand and with that, the trick is to keep in mind the last words spoken. I remember finding it a bit stressful though! Maybe I’ll be lured back one day, if there’s the prospect of a large enough prize!

Photo:- Courtesy of Yahoo News

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