Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I smiled as I heard about the story of a wild rabbit nicknamed "Bugsy" who spent a week hiding in a car engine! The car owner, Jon Llewlyn saw the wild rabbit hopping around near his car but assumed it had gone when he drove away, until he saw its little head poking out of the front grill of his car! He tried to coax the rabbit out and it disappeared so he assumed it had gone. However, it seems the rabbit liked its new home too much to leave and also liked travelling! A few days later after driving 60 miles, Jon found the rabbit again still under the bonnet before it was finally rescued! Jon admitted the rabbit who he nicknamed Bugsy had, "travelled a fair bit!"

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Sheila said...

Cute story Naomi. I collect rabbits--not the real ones although as a kid my mom and I found an abandoned one and raised it. Funny how wild creatures adopt the strangest things as homes. A mouse family took up residence in my son's car one year while he was away in Italy studying.