Saturday, July 28, 2007


A council in Bournemouth, Dorset has banned its local swimming pools from lending out inflatable armbands and rubber rings to children in case somebody picks up an infection from blowing them up! They haven’t even stopped to consider that it could lead to a child being drowned. Sounds like commonsense is in short supply down in Bournemouth. Parents have been inflating rubber rings and armbands for their children for many years, without suffering any contagious diseases. Surely the commonsense approach to this if germs are a worry, would be for the pools to purchase inflatable pumps (which are readily available from sports shops) so that parents could inflate the armbands and rings that way, rather than banning them from being available altogether.

Meanwhile a Remembrance Day Parade which usually takes place in Horwich has been cancelled for the first time in 60 years due to health and safety fears. There are fears that other parades held around the country could suffer the same fate due to councils imposing high road closure fees and also forcing event organisers to employ paid marshals to man roads along the route. The issue of councils and the police charging to ensure the safety of Remembrance Day Parades is crazy and an insult to the people who lost their lives fighting for this country. The fact that these brave souls cannot be remembered due to overzealous bureaucrats imposing new rules and regulations is a disgrace.

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