Saturday, July 28, 2007


Shakespeare’s birthplace Stratford Upon Avon was in the news this week, after strange lights were seen in the sky on Saturday evening. Was it a bird, was it a plane? No apparently, according to local people, it was UFO’s! They brought the town to a standstill for about half an hour as eager stargazers ran out of pubs and houses and motorists stopped cars, camera phones at the ready, to get a closer look at the formation of five glowing orbs which hovered high up in the sky above the town.

Three of the orbs had formed a triangular shape with one to the right of them and then another one came hurtling towards them at speed, according to observers. Apparently there was an eerie silence as the objects hovered over the town for about half an hour without making a sound and then moved slowly away, towards the horizon. The MoD has ruled out the possibility of UFO’s believing that there is a much more rational explanation and that aircraft lights or other natural phenomena are responsible.

It would be wonderful to think that there is life on other planets out there in the universe, apart from this one. Certainly Hollywood movies have been adding fuel to this theory for years. I always keep an open mind on these things. Maybe one day (hopefully in my lifetime!) we will have evidence of the existence of aliens from other worlds and prove all the sceptics wrong. Here’s hoping! I wonder what Shakespeare would make of it all. It’s enough to send the Bard spinning in his grave!

Originally published July 07


Palm Springs Savant said...

well since the MoD ruled out aliens, its OK then...hmmm about as trust worthy as my govt I would imagine!

I'll have to consult Dr Wang to see what he thinks. My bet is that there are aliens among us!!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

By the way Naomi- stop by my've won an award!

Naomi said...

Ha ha I agree Rick, the governments never give you a straight answer on these things. I prefer to keep an open mind myself. Maybe the visitors came to get a copy of the latest Harry Potter novel! Either that or they came to have a look at the heavy rain and floods we've been having!

Thanks for the award Rick, I'll stop by your blog