Wednesday, July 04, 2007


As some of you know, I'm heading off to Italy tomorrow. I'll be going to Lake Garda and flying home next Thursday. So this will be my last post before I go away. As the airport is a distance from my home, My Mum and I have a 3.00am start to allow for check in, etc. Just hoping there are no flight delays and we get away safely. It's a bit chaotic at all the airports at the moment with the attempted terrorist attacks. Some airports have been closed for a short time and flights cancelled. I'll be posting with a vengeance when I get back.

I'm also planning to host a Gonzo carnival at Diary from England on 1st October. I'll be hosting a Gonzo "All England" carnival. As my blog is mainly centred on life and news from England, that will be the theme. I will welcome posts from British and foreign bloggers alike. All I ask is that you submit an England related post please, maybe you have lived in England, have English ancestry or could write about life in England, or what you like or dislike about England. I hope I can count on your support and you'll join me to help make the carnival a success. I'd like to say a big thank you again for all the nice comments and e-mails I have received recently about Diary from England. They are much appreciated. See you when I get back.



CabinWriter-- said...

I've just found your blog. I've always aspired to visiting Great Britain staying for several months to mingle with history and people. I look forward to reading what you offer to this dreamer who watches all movies that offer a glimpse of your beautiful country.

Janey Loree said...

Glad your home, but it sounds like you and your mum had a wonderful time! Both of my sons are going to Australia for their vacation in August!

You can count on Queenie and I to attend your Gonzo "All England" carnival! I'll put her in a new outfit for the occasion! How exciting!! Can't wait for the date and will work on advertising from all my blogs!!!

Naomi said...

Thanks for stopping by Cabinwriter. I hope you enjoyed your visit here and look forward to seeing you again. You may find the British web links in the left hand margin of interest. Happy Surfing. NAOMI

Naomi said...

Hi Janey

Yes my Mum and I had a great holiday. Italy was wonderful as always. It was our 3rd visit there. I'm sure your sons will enjoy their visit to Australia.

I thought the All England Carnival would appeal to you and Queenie. Look forward to receiving your carnival posts Janey. I'll be doing an extra special post myself to mark the occasion!