Saturday, October 27, 2007


Many parents are putting their children’s eyesight at serious risk by not taking them for an eye test. Experts estimate that between one in ten children have an uncorrected eyesight problem by the age of twelve. This can lead to learning problems and permanent long-term damage to a child’s eyesight.

According to a poll by Specsavers opticians, many parents are afraid of the high cost of glasses and also the expense of an eye test. The majority of parents didn’t realise that eye tests and glasses are free to children on the National Health Service. Many parents also worried that their child would be teased at school if they wore glasses. However characters like Harry Potter have made wearing spectacles fashionable amongst children. All the more reason to take your child for an eye test.


Sheila said...

What a wonderful side effect from Harry Potter that he has made wearing glasses ok. I guess too many parents don't consider having the exam unless they think there's trouble.

Naomi said...

I agree Sheila, because of Harry Potter, children are now no longer self conscious about wearing glasses and see them as fashionable.