Sunday, October 14, 2007


With Halloween fast approaching, it looks like pumpkins will be in short supply and there will be a shortage of Jack-o-lanterns this year. Unfortunately Britain’s wet Summer weather has had a devastating effect on pumpkin crops. The traditional plump orange pumpkins have been replaced by scrawny green tinged squashes, which haven’t ripened because of the bad weather.

As a result, prices of pumpkins are set to rise and many shops could sell out quickly. Most pumpkins sold in the U.K. are used for lantern carving. However pumpkin is delicious in recipes too. I tried pumpkin pie many years ago on a visit to the States. It was delicious. I have also had pumpkin soup which is nice too. Probably the best advice to anyone wanting to buy a Halloween pumpkin is to buy one early and if it’s green, put it in the window to ripen in time for the big night! Happy Halloween everybody!


Palm Springs Savant said...

I love pumpkin soup! I had to make pumpkin juice for the kids once (they read about it in Harry Potter). They forced it down but it was gross!

Naomi said...

Sounds gross Rick! But then again if it's good enough for Harry Potter! Ha ha!

Marion said...

In my garden, there were no pumpkins, either. I usually have a few;this year, I will have to rely on the Farmer's Market.

There are certainly not as many around as there was last year, a better growing year. Whether you have a pumpkin or not, Happy Halloween to you, too, Naomi!

Princess Haiku said...

That's too bad about the pumpkins. No shortage in Ca fortunately.

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Naomi!

We don't have Halloween in Russia but we have pumpkins, and pumpkins have a lot of good vitamins and minerals. So it's better to eat pumpkins when they are in season :).

My mom cooks porridge with pumpkins sometimes and sometimes she cooks down pumpkin with apples.

Best wishes!

Sheila said...

I found one easily here in Missouri, but I'd heard that we were having a shortage too. Maybe it's a ploy to get us to buy them while we can.

Naomi said...

Happy Halloween to you too Marion!

Glad to hear there is no pumpkin shortage in Ca Princess Haiku

That's interesting Svetlana. I love porridge but never thought about cooking it with pumpkin. Never had pumpkin with apple either.

Maybe it's a clever marketing ploy so they can put the prices up Sheila. You never know.

Happy Halloween to you all!

Miss Trashahassee said...

Pumpkin pie!

I didn't get any last year, so I'm gonna make sure I don't miss out this year!

Great post, Noami.

Miss T

Jackie said...

I don't like pumpkin preferring butternut instead. No shortage here and very cheap but we don't celebrate Halloween except for a few families just for the fun of it.

Naomi said...

Don't blame you Miss T - it's delicious!

I love butternut squash Jackie. It's really nice. Halloween is still not widely celebrated in some countries of the world and has only become popular here in England in recent years.

CyberCelt said...

Is that what happened to the hops in the UK, too? All of a sudden, all these people are up in arms about global warming because it is affecting the hops! Priorities, I guess. LOL Just checking links.

PS if you really like pumpkin, I have some yummy recipes on my Texas RV blog.

Nancyrowina said...

I've heard about this, hopefully the veg shop down the road from me will have some.

Sandy Carlson said...

The crafts stores here in the US sell these odd but realistic-looking foam things that can be carved! Is that a solution to a natural shortage? I have a hard time thinking so. Can other gourds be used?

Janey Loree said...

For years I my birthday "pie" was pumpkin! Princess Haiku is shortage of pumpkins in CA. We have one farmer that harvests their pumpkins next to their corn fields. On the days right before Halloween you will see several school buses in the parking lot. From the road we can see a scary entrance to the corn field and can only imagine what lies beyond!

I've heard that the farmer gives away a pumpkin to each of the kids!!!

I am visiting via the BLOG VILLAGE Fall Fest Carnival!!!

I reminding everyone to vote and rate Naomi and CyberCelt over in BLOG VILLAGE!

Cecile said...

We had a short supply of pumpkins a couple years ago. This year there were soooo many!

Naomi said...

Thanks to everyone visiting from the carnival. I do appreciate all the nice comments. Hope you all enjoyed your visit here.