Monday, October 08, 2007


Several British newspapers have refused to publish photos showing Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton, after the Prince complained of the agreesive and threatening behaviour of paparazzi who pursued the couple's car as they left a London nightclub. The Press Complaints Committee has urged newspaper editors not to publish pictures of the Prince which were taken as a result of harrassment.

It's almost like history repeating itself with Prince William and his girlfriend being pursued by paparazzi in the same week in which the inquest into his mother's death began. Princess Diana died in the Paris car crash whilst fleeing paparazzi on motorbikes who were in hot pursuit. You would think that lessons would have been learnt from this but apparently not. Members of the Royal family deserve their privacy just like the rest of us and should be allowed to live their lives without the constant intrusion of long lenses. I have great respect for the newspaper editors that shunned the paparazzi photos. At the end of the day it comes down to money and the photos taken are put up for sale to the highest bidder. Maybe if more newspapers had shunned the photos of Diana, she would still be alive today.


Dave said...

What a great story.

Thank You

Jackie said...

Thank goodness for that. They are trying to settle down in their relationship again and need all the privacy they can get.

Amazed the Jury have taken so long to get to Paris. Why weren't these things done years ago?

Naomi said...

Thanks Dave. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

I agree Jackie. William and his girlfriend deserve their privacy just like the rest of us. I think everything has gone so slowly in the Diana case and the only reason it's going ahead now is thanks to the intervention of Mohamed Al Fayed.

Princess Haiku said...

No living creatures should be hunted the way celebrities are these days.

I think it's about time the real inquiry into Diana's death begins and hope you keep us posted.