Tuesday, January 15, 2008


According to the results of a recent UK TV Style survey, a growing number of British patients are too embarrassed to see their GP’s (doctors) about things like bowel complaints and other illnesses of a personal nature, preferring to get advice from internet medical websites and treat themselves instead. A spokesman for the British Medical Association stated that this was a dangerous trend as many so-called medical advisers on the internet are not properly qualified. If you are suffering from a serious medical condition, going onto the net is really no substitute for seeing a doctor. I rarely go to the doctor’s surgery, as I’m pretty healthy, however if I had any medical complaints or illnesses, I would definitely see my GP. I would strongly advise any other readers to do the same.


Jackie said...

I am opposite. I stay away from doctors and find whatever seemed serious at first generally fizzles out after a couple of weeks of going the Alternative route which I look up on the Net.

A case of kill or cure LOL

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi, Naomi!

Thank you for very good post!

Personally I think that there is nothing bad or dirty in our body everything is made by God or Nature (Everybody can think about creator by they way...)

But what I want to tell that ther is not nothing embarrassing in our bodies and even in illnesses what we could have. Our doctors saw much more! So for me when people try avoid visit to doctor is embarrassing. Yes, and it is dangerous also!

Thank you very much again for this post!

Sandy Carlson said...

The Internet is a mixed blessing. We see so many TV ads telling us about medications and advising us to tell the doctor we want this pill or that one. The Internet becomes a logical place to look for facts. We use our local hospital's website for info on medications, procedures, and the like. We figure if the hospital approves the site, then there is a better chance the info will be a sound place to start for some insight. You're right, though; online info can't replace medical care.

Sheila said...

The bad thing about the Internet is that you can get yourself all worked up worrying needlessly. Your advice is good for that reason alone, Naomi.

Naomi said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Even though the internet is a wonderful invention, it can indeed be a mixed blessing sometimes and the information we get over the net can never replace proper medical care. There is also the danger of misdiagnosing many conditions.

Marion said...

I'm great at misdiagnosing...it seems I have all the symptoms to tons of different diseases. A little info goes a long way.

But the net is great for research on a disease that has been diagnosed by a doctor.

Naomi said...

I agree Marion. Nice to see you again.