Sunday, January 13, 2008


Like a lot of British children, when I was growing up, my brother and I spent many happy hours playing with our Lego bricks. We used to love creating and building lots of different things with them. I can’t believe Lego celebrates its 50th birthday this month. How time flies!

It’s interesting to note too that despite the introduction of more sophisticated toys, to this day Lego still remains as popular as it’s always been with children all over the world. Lego has been voted “the toy of the century” and counts some Hollywood stars, including Matthew Broderick amongst its millions of fans.

Creating models with Lego bricks is good exercise for the brain too. Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond says it helped his recovery after his jet car crash as playing with Lego is really good therapy after a brain injury as it increases spatial awareness. A staggering seven Lego sets are sold every second. You might be surprised to hear that Lego is also the world’s largest tyre manufacturer too, creating over 300 million tyres a year for its miniature vehicles. Amazing!

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Palm Springs Savant said...

I used to love Legos as well. That and Lincoln Logs, I think I actually liked those better, come to think of it.

Naomi said...

Yes Legos were always great fun to play with Rick. I haven't heard of Lincoln Logs.

Sheila said...

My two sons loved Legos. We had thousands of the little pieces around the house. Nice to see an educational and creative product stand the test of time.

Lincoln Logs were this Baby Boomer's favorite building toy. Naomi, they were made out of wood and connected like real logs. Very rustic and western.

Naomi said...

I agree Sheila it's nice to see that Legos are still as popular as ever despite the introduction of more sophisticated toys. I'm sure those Lincoln Logs would be a lot of fun to play with.

Janey Loree said...

I can remember my brother and I sitting in the middle of all our Christmas presents, playing with our new Lincoln Logs and my brothers' erector set! My new dolls were pushed aside as well!!

Naomi said...

Yes even today Legos have stood the test of time Janey as they and Lincoln Logs are such creative and fun toys to play with.