Sunday, January 27, 2008


In a day and age when everyone is being encouraged to eat more healthily, doing the weekly shop can be a daunting task for many British families. It’s particularly difficult trying to understand things like salt, fat, calorie and sugar content on food labels which can be confusing and vary from one supermarket to another. However the government is planning to introduce a coloured “traffic light” system of food labelling with red warning of “danger” foods that are potentially bad for us and “green” being used on healthier foods. Health Secretary Alan Johnson is hoping that all supermarkets will implement the Food Standards Agency’s new labelling system within the next month. It is thought the new system will help families to adopt a healthier lifestyle and eat a more healthy diet. Let’s hope all their efforts are not in vain!


Marshamlow said...

In the US our food labeling attempts are often not successful due to the impact on the companies which manufacture the bad foods and the consequences of putting all those folks out of work.

Naomi said...

I'm sure that's a big problem for those companies Marsha. Maybe they just need to make some slight changes in the manufacturing processes they use and this would help and the workers could still keep their jobs.

Sandy Carlson said...

That's a helpful system! Sure could help at the market. This could prove interesting if surprises turn up with things we think are good but perhaps are not--or vice versa.

New York City just passed a rule requiring McDonald's to post calorie counts for its offerings. When I first heard this, I thought, "Don't want to know!"

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my blog. Reading them was a real pleasure today.

God bless.