Sunday, March 09, 2008


Living proof that falling in love has no age limit, a couple with a combined age of 171 married this week and are thought to be amongst Britain’s oldest newlyweds. The happy couple, Dennis Jones 85 and Sophie Scragg 86 met at a day centre five years ago and tied the knot at Wolverhampton Register Office on Tuesday. Proving that chivalry is not dead, Dennis lent his glasses to his new bride so that she could see to sign the register. He described Sophie as a “lovely woman”, saying that he hoped they would enjoy many happy years together. Sophie’s daughter said the couple were perfect together and it was good they could be together and look after one another. However Dennis insisted that he wasn’t marrying Sophie for company but because he loved her. It’s nice to see that love and romance is still alive and well even in this day and age! What a lovely story. Congratulations to both Dennis and Sophie!


SandyCarlson said...

That is a heartwarming story. It's always wonderful when people make their commitment to care a public act.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog today. I'm looking forward to your post about Britishness day.

You know, part of the Pledge experience for kids here is to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee," right after. The melody is the same as "God Save the Queen"!

flats said...

Check out our candidate to eurovision from Spain:

And please tell me what you think...cheers

Marion said...

It seems it is never too late to begin anew...What an inspiring story!

I'm catching up after having limited access to the 'net, you've been very busy, Naomi, lots of interesting stories here.

I hope those two have many, many years of happiness and good health.

Naomi said...

Hi Sandy

I agree this is a wonderful story of commitment and caring. I'll be posting about Britishness Day very soon. Look forward to your comments. I didn't know the melody was the same as "God Save the Queen". That's very interesting Sandy.

Hi Flats

He reminds me of a Karaoke singer and looks a bit like an Elvis impersonater! That video made me smile! Thanks for the link.

Hi Marion

I found this story very uplifting and inspiring too. It's proof you're never too old to fall in love. Nice to see you back on the blogosphere again. We've missed you! I'll be coming over to visit you very soon. Unfortunately my visits to other blogs have been a bit limited at the moment due to pressure of work.

Janey Loree said...

This is an inspiring love story!!! Thanks for sharing it Naomi.

Naomi said...

You are welcome Janey. Glad you enjoyed the post.