Sunday, March 16, 2008


As many of my readers know, I love chocolate and am in serious danger of becoming a chocoholic! Consequently I couldn’t resist when Hotel Chocolat offered me one of their Serious Dark Fix extra thick Easter eggs to review. The egg was beautifully presented in a gorgeous embossed box, finished with a yellow ribbon. It was so lovely, a delight to behold, it seemed a shame to break into it. However I found it difficult to resist temptation, and opened the box to reveal two 72% dark chocolate shells. The two small bags of dark chocolate pralines contained in the shells were a nice extra surprise.

The chocolate shells and the delicately crafted pralines contained within them definitely taste as good as they look. The dark chocolate is neither too acidic or bitter and contains just the right amount of cocoa butter to melt seductively on the tongue. I’m not normally a lover of dark chocolate, but was pleasantly surprised. This egg was delicious, a gourmet feast for the eyes and palette and would make a beautiful gift for someone special.

Dark chocolate is also packed with natural antioxidants and according to the experts, when eaten in moderation may contribute to improved cardiovascular health. So apart from making a beautiful gift for a loved one, this would make a great gift to help keep their heart healthy too. Like anything in life, moderation is the key! It’s like the old saying, “A little bit of what you fancy does you good” and Hotel Chocolat’s Serious Dark Fix Easter egg certainly tastes as good as it looks.

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Good luck and Happy Easter!

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