Sunday, March 02, 2008


Today we celebrate Mother’s Day in England, a special day when we can show our Mum just how much we love and appreciate her! Traditionally Mother’s Day has always been celebrated (in Britain), on the fourth Sunday of Lent since about the 16th century. The original roots of Mother’s Day probably lie in the church festival of “Refreshment Sunday”, when traditionally people would go back to visit their “Mother” church, i.e. the church where they were baptised. As time went by this custom changed to using the day for people to honour their mothers rather than the church. I’m taking my own Mum out for a meal to celebrate her special day! Happy Mothers Day to any mums reading this!


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Thank you, Naomi! :)))

And it's always so interesting information in your blog! We always enjoy it!

Hope you and your mother enjoyed the meal! :)

Really, we so love our mothers and sometimes it's so difficult to tell them about it...

Best wishes,
Svet and Kyle
PS We have our Women's day here at the 8th of March.

Naomi said...

Thank you Kyle & Svet. I'm so glad you enjoy your visits here. I enjoy my visits to your blog too. It's always nice to see you both here. Yes my Mum and I enjoyed our meal. I think it's nice that we have a special day when we can show our Mums just how much we love them and make them feel special.