Friday, March 21, 2008


According to the results of a recent survey, many British schoolchildren think Sir Winston Churchill never existed and believe he is a fictional character. Some associate him with the British Bulldog featured in the tv ads for Churchill car insurance! Others believe he was the first man to walk on the moon! Shame on you! It seems none of the children questioned are aware that Churchill was one of the greatest British Prime Ministers of all time.

And there's more to come. When questioned about Mars, two in five schoolchildren said it was a chocolate bar and had no idea it was actually a planet in our solar system! Incredibly they didn't believe Earth was a planet either! Oh dear! Back to the drawing board!

However on a more positive note, the survey (commissioned by the Royal Astronomical Society and Walt Disney Home Entertainment) revealed that the majority of children are keen to learn more about the universe. Just as well really, judging by the results of this survey - sounds like they need a bit more tuition on the subject!


Barrett Laurie said...

Naomi-Lol! Yikes, I think some of the basics need to be "recovered!" It is a bit scary when you think about the fact that these children are our future leaders! Keep up the great work!

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

That's ashamed!

I afraid to know how our education degraded for this years!

Thank you for a good article, Naomi!

Svet & Kyle

Naomi said...

Yes that's one way of looking at it Barrett. It's very scary when they think Mars is a chocolate bar!

Yes Svet & Kyle, unfortunately teachers in this country spend more time on red tape and filling forms in than teaching the children and these are unfortunately the results.

kiwimeg said...

Oh dear, this is kind of funny in a scary sort of a way!!

Naomi said...

Yes I had to smile when I heard about this myself Kiwimeg. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.