Sunday, March 02, 2008


The Ministry of Defence have confirmed that Prince Harry has been serving on the frontline in Afghanistan for the past 10 weeks after an American website leaked details of the Prince’s posting. The Prince was deeply disappointed when he was told he wouldn’t be going to Iraq and considered leaving the army. However he decided to stay when he was given the opportunity of retraining as a battlefield air controller with the chance to fulfill his ambition of serving on the frontline in Afghanistan. Prince Harry who once described his late mother Diana as “the best mum in the world,” said that he believed she was looking down on him whilst he was in Afghanistan. However he explained that the job kept him so busy, he didn’t have time to feel sorry for himself. Prince Harry said he knew many other soldiers in a similar situation to himself, who had also lost parents.

His brother Prince William sent him a letter saying Diana would have been proud of him. I’m sure Diana would have been very proud of both her sons. They are two fine young men and definitely a chip off the old block. The boys are a credit to the Royal family. They should be grateful that Diana was their mother and instilled such great values and lessons into both of them.

Prince William now faces further disappointment at not being able to complete his tour of duty in Afghanistan after the Ministry of Defence this week took the decision to bring him home. The decision was taken for fear that worldwide media coverage had put Prince Harry’s safety and the safety of his fellow troops at risk, making Harry a prime target for the Taliban. Many of Harry’s fellow troops didn’t recognise him or realise he was serving alongside them until they saw the news reports. Prince Harry stated that he just enjoyed, “mucking in” and being “one of the lads”. Prime Minister Gordon Brown described Prince Harry as an “exemplary” soldier, saying that the whole of Britain would be proud of the outstanding service he is giving.

Photo:- Courtesy of Yahoo News

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