Sunday, March 30, 2008


Congratulations to XFactor winner Leona Lewis on becoming the first British woman to top the American pop charts in 20 years. Leona’s single, “Bleeding Love” has gone straight to No. 1 in the U.S. Billboard Charts this week. Leona once said that it was her dream to find success in the States. Well now it seems that dream is coming true. Leona has already enjoyed phenomenal success in Britain, with her first single, “A Moment Like This” setting a new Guinness world record after 50,000 downloads in the first half hour and selling nearly 600,000 copies in its first week of release. “Bleeding Love” held the No. 1 spot for 7 weeks in the U.K. music charts, selling over one million copies and becoming the best selling single of 2007. In addition, Leona’s debut album “Spirit” became the fastest selling debut album in U.K. history! The young 22 year old singer from Hackney, East London has never looked back since winning XFactor and has already been compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. I personally think she’s better and has an incredible voice.

Now it seems Leona has become America’s sweetheart too. The U.S. nation have taken Leona to their hearts, with her chart topping success following her recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show with her mentor Simon Cowell. After hearing Leona sing live on the show, Oprah declared excitedly that “a star is born!” Simon stated that he was incredibly proud of Leona and very, very happy for her. We wish her every success.

To find out more about Leona and to hear her sing, click on the link shown below:-

Leona Lewis - Official Site


Marshamlow said...

I hadn't heard of her thanks, I stopped by her site, she is wonderful. Is X factor like American Idol? She is a whole lot better than our idol winners.

Barrett Laurie said...

Naomi- I saw her on Oprah! She was awesome! I had to google x-Factor when she was on Oprah because I had never heard of it! I think she rocks!

Naomi said...

Yes XFactor is just like American Idol Marsha. Competition is tough but I think the best person definitely won.

She certainly does rock Barrett. Leona is very talented and has a great voice.