Sunday, April 16, 2006


New figures out this week show that Britons are the biggest chocoholics in Europe munching through an average of 10Kg of chocolate every year! Unfortunately it’s not the healthy dark chocolate that we prefer but its milk chocolate counterpart!

Experiments have suggested that some types of dark chocolate could reduce clotting and the risk of heart attacks. The health benefits come from flavenoids found in dark chocolate and red wine. It seems that our continental neighbours (who love to indulge in both!) have the right idea. There is even talk this week of clinical trials being done, with heart patients being fed dark chocolate to see if it has any health benefits.

Still on the subject of chocolate, that great British institution the Mars bar which has over the years helped millions of Britons to “work, rest and play”, (the catchphrase used to describe it) is to be renamed, "Believe". Apparently the idea behind this is to rally England fans to support the World Cup. So there we go!

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