Sunday, April 23, 2006


A new lottery, “Monday – The Charities Lottery” is to be launched in the U.K. next week. Its organisers claims that players are 27 times more likely to scoop a jackpot win than on the current National Lottery Game run by Camelot. Players will also be able to choose which charities they would like to benefit from each game they play. Monday has pledged to donate a bigger percentage of its profits to charitable causes. Many people (like myself!) have never won a penny on the National Lottery since it began and are looking for a fairer system that gives them a better chance of winning. In addition many people have cast doubt over how the National Lottery money is spent and how much of it goes to charitable causes. With a new rival on the scene, Camelot will have to re-assess their position on the lottery front or otherwise they could just be left behind as more and more people desert them to play with Monday instead.


ktamin said...

this is crazy.

better chance of winning ?

so instead of 14 million to 1 to win to win a few million, 2 million to 1 to win a few thousand.

better chance eh ?

also, check the small print. the lottery take 5p of every pound you spend and out of that 4,5 p is expenses (machines in shops, advertising, marketing, point of sale stands, paper entry forms and god knows what else) half a p is profit.

this new lottery are taking 15 p in the pound. as they are online, they have minimal expenses in comparison. even if they spent 4.5 p on expenses that gives them 10p in the pound profit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people saying "its for charity" are often hiding a other motives for their actions. like chuggers .....

Hamish said...

You've got to be in it to win it as they say! A new lottery would be interesting - maybe another chance for Richard Banson?

I play in an online syndicate for free every week. Nevertheless I still get lots of e-mails telling me I've won the Mongolian/Dutch/Texan lottery - which I didn't even enter.


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