Saturday, April 01, 2006


Researchers have discovered that eating Fish Oil supplements can improve the behaviour of unruly teenagers. Apparently a study was done on a group of youngsters suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity and their behaviour improved dramatically after taking an Omega 3 supplement for 3 months. The results of this new research come hot on the heels of a report in The British Medical Journal the previous week, questioning the benefits of eating oily fish (such as tuna and salmon which are rich in Omega 3). The report concluded that it is unclear whether a diet rich in Omega 3 foods, actually reduces or increases total death rates from heart attacks and diseases such as cancer or strokes. Apparently compared to giving up smoking or taking regular exercise, the benefits of an Omega 3 rich diet are negligible. Despite this heart experts are still encouraging the public to eat foods high in Omega 3, including oily fish. I personally love tuna, sardines and salmon and will continue to eat them for a long time to come, whether they have health benefits or not.

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