Sunday, April 30, 2006


Prince Harry is in the news this week after launching an Aids charity in his mother’s name. The charity (which Harry launched in Lesotho with Prince Seeiso who also lost his mother) is called Sentebale which means, “Forget Me Not”. Prince Harry is definitely a chip off the old block. He is his mother’s son and we’ll never forget Diana, the people’s Princess, whilst Prince Harry follows in her footsteps and continues with the wonderful and charitable work that she started.

The press have given Princes William and Harry a difficult time in the past. We must never forget that these are two young boys who have lost their mother and are confined to growing up in the goldfish bowl that is royal life, in full glare of the world’s media. They are just like any other young men in this country, growing up and making mistakes but unfortunately their lives and any mistakes they make are played out in full view of the country’s media. Perhaps now finally the press will leave these two young men alone. Diana would have been so proud of both of them.

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TrueBrits said...

Prince Harry is his mum's son as is Prince William. Princess Diana is so proud of her sons.
Harry said of Diana, "she had guts". The same can be said of Harry, Harry "has guts" as well.
William "has guts" also but he is much quieter than Harry. They have inherited their mum's strength, courage, and bravery.
God bless them both! Long live Princes William and Harry.
They certainly didn't get those wonderful characteristics from their dad, wimpy Chas!