Friday, April 14, 2006


Prince Charles and new wife Camilla (or the Duchess of Cornwall as she’s now known), celebrated their first wedding anniversary this week. Photographer Mario Testino, famous for his glamorous photographs of Charles’ former wife Diana, (Princess of Wales), took some official photos of the Royal couple to mark the occasion. The Royal couple are spending their anniversary on the Balmoral estate, where they spent their honeymoon.

It seems that the public are finally starting to warm to Camilla but whether they will accept her as Queen is another matter. It is thought that if ever Charles does become King, she will instead take the title, "Princess Consort". Diana is a hard act to follow. She was the people's Princess, something Camilla will never be.

Prince Harry admitted in a recent interview that himself and his brother Prince William, "love Camilla to bits" and admire the way she's made their father so happy. It seems the two Princes like some members of the public have very short memories and forget Diana's immortal words, "There are three people in this marriage". There is a price to pay for most things in this life and in this case Diana was the unfortunate one who paid the price for Charles and Camilla's happiness.

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