Sunday, July 16, 2006


The foreign press has sunk to an all-time low, publishing photos of Diana Princess of Wales, dying in the wreckage after being involved in a horrific car crash in Paris. The British press this week condemned Italian based Chi magazine and Spanish magazine Interviu. Will Diana ever be allowed to rest in peace? This is the last thing that her family, particularly her sons, William and Harry want to see, photos of their beloved Mum’s last moments, being published in magazines to make money. They want to remember their Mum the way she was and the happy times they had with her. To publish photos like this is the height of insensitivity and bad taste. The press hounded Diana when she was alive and now’s she’s dead they still can’t leave her in peace. It’s disgraceful and taking freedom of the press a step too far.

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Patt said...

I see pictures of dead and dying children on my tv every day.Why is this ladies death any different.If there is no differancs why havent you commented.It saddens me that the death of one rich lady overshadows the death of so many poor.