Sunday, July 02, 2006


The royal family’s expenditure has come under scrutiny this week, after Clarence House revealed that Prince Charles’ new wife Camilla comes cheap as she “lives in a house that’s already there, travels with the Prince and on three occasions she went on an aircraft on her own”. Apparently Charles and Camilla cost the British public the equivalent of 3.5p each for every person in Britain! Sounds like creative accountancy to me! It would be nice if it were true though! I have to say the fact that Charles pays only £3.3million in tax from £14million earned from his Duchy of Cornwall estate stunned me. It might be a good idea if he shared his tax-saving secrets with the rest of the nation!

It was also revealed this week that royal travel expenses cost the taxpayer £5.5 million last year. Apparently Prince Charles was the most expensive royal traveller, complaining how uncomfortable business class seats were compared to first class. I’m sure we all agree with him but unfortunately unlike Prince Charles, most of us can’t afford to be choosy! But Royal accountants insisted that the royal family were still good value for money, costing the nation the equivalent of 62p per person for their upkeep and expenses. I’m not sure about some of the other members of the royal family, but I personally think that the Queen is worth every penny. Long may she reign over us! The Queen has always been a hardworking and devoted monarch. It’s just unfortunate that some of the other members of the royal family can’t follow her example.

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