Saturday, July 22, 2006


I watched singer Kylie Minogue on Sky One last week, having her first interview since her recovery from breast cancer. Fighting back tears, Kylie told interviewer Cat Deeley how her cancer battle wasn't over yet, she was still having treatment and how she still had, "a mountain to climb." She also revealed how her ordeal had made her "embrace life with both hands." Kylie is a very brave girl and it's nice to see her up and about again and planning to resume her Showgirl tour. She is an inspiration to other cancer sufferers. To the delight of her British fans, Kylie is planning some shows at the Wembley arena in January as part of her "Showgirl" tour. The tickets sold out within 6 minutes of going on sale, with fans jamming the phonelines to buy them. Everyone in England wishes Kylie well and is eager to see her back on stage again. Good luck to her!

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