Sunday, November 05, 2006


Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair warned this week that we face global catastrophe on a massive scale unless we take action now on global warming. Mr Blair’s message comes hot on the heels of a 700 page report by Sir Nicholas Stern, painting an apocalyptic future for the world if we carry on regardless, including rising sea levels and drought leaving over 200 million people homeless, 40 per cent of the world’s animal kingdom being wiped out and worldwide recession. Environment Secretary David Miliband has called for a menu of green taxes including duty on flights, pay-as-you-drive road taxes and higher duty on energy wasting appliances such as washing machines. It is clear to everybody that the world climate is changing. Britain has had the hottest summer on record and unseasonably warm weather this year. The results of Sir Nicholas Stern’s report are truly frightening. Hopefully they will be enough to convince the British public to change their ways and do their bit to save our planet. Even small things like switching off the tv rather than leaving it on standby or using energy saving lightbulbs could make a big difference to our future.

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