Sunday, November 12, 2006


Dame Eliza Manning, the head of MI5 says her agents are currently tracking 1,600 Al-Qaeda terror suspects who are plotting at least 30 major attacks in the U.K. What a chilling thought!

Meanwhile British UFO expert Nick Pope believes the government aren't doing enough to investigate UFO sightings and are leaving us wide open to an extra-terrestrial invasion!

Also in the news this week, I was interested to read that many British police are afraid to tackle yobs and teenage thugs. What happened to the days when law and order ruled and the police were treated with respect? Surely the job of the police is to protect us from the criminals on the streets. If they're not capable of doing this, then something has gone badly wrong and the law and order system in this country needs a serious overhaul.


Jackie said...

I don't agree with Nick Pope. If ET's land here I am sure they would be highly evolved and not promote violence, especially not for gain like oil leases.

They are probably waiting around until we blow ourself up or totally destroy our ozone layer. If predictions are right that will be well within 50 years !!

Naomi said...

Yes it's sad to think that when aliens finally arrive to make contact, there'll probably be nobody left on earth to greet them!