Saturday, November 11, 2006


I know this is going off my usual news topics. But every so often I see blogs that really take my eye. I discovered one such blog today. Anthony Mole is 19 years old and new to the British Blogosphere. I was very impressed with his blog. It is very well written. In his profile Anthony states:-

Society should reward ambition and punish criminal behaviour. I'm proud to be British but happy to welcome others. Decisions should be made by common sense and not by politically correct puppets. A life sentence should mean life - how can prison defer offenders if they know they'll be free again in a few months? Policeman should be on the beat and not behind a desk. The health service should be there for all - smokers included. Why should 60% of our laws be made by an undemocratic European Union?

My sentiments exactly. Go and pay Anthony a visit soon, using the link shown below:-

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