Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's official, Ricky Gervais, British star of The Office has the funniest face on tv, according to scientists. Apparently his face fits the profile that amuses viewers most; small forehead, big lips, large eyes and high cheekbones!

PHOTO:- Courtesy of BBC Website


Jackie said...

I don't really find his face funny, I would say he looks rather boring at first glance.

Anyway it is the quality of the script that matters. Many comedies these days leave me cold.

Naomi said...

Hi Jackie

Yes I have to agree with that. There are people I find a lot funnier myself, Sacha Baron Cohen for example!

Sheila said...

I think we Americans have you Brits beat on funny faces although in the talent category, well, you y'all win hands down. Marty Feldman as Igor, the hunchback, in Young Frankenstein with the bulging eyes for example looks funny to me.