Saturday, November 04, 2006


It seems that the latest “must have” accessory for Britain’s teenagers isn’t the latest mobile phone or gadget but an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order)! Many teenagers believe that having an ASBO gives them “street cred” amongst their friends and far from seeing it as a punishment, they treat it as a badge of honour to be worn with pride! According to a survey by the Youth Justice Board, youngsters don’t take ASBOs seriously anymore, with many breaching the conditions of the orders. With more and more people afraid to go out at night because of rising crime and attacks by young thugs and yobs, surely it’s time that the Youth Justice Board ditched ASBOs and found a more appropriate method of punishment that works.


Anthony Mole said...

Tragic isn't it - it seems that vandalism is in vogue. I've just entered the blogosphere, and have posted on my solution to the ASBO problem if you'd care to have a look and maybe leave a comment.

Naomi said...

Yes it is tragic Anthony. I think lack of discipline is the big factor with youngsters nowadays and lack of discipline leads to lack of respect. I hope you enjoyed your visit here. Come back soon.