Sunday, November 19, 2006


Many British fans who had paid over £100 to see Michael Jackson’s first UK performance for 9 years were bitterly disappointed. It was thought that Jackson’s performance at the World Music Awards at Earls Court would re-establish him as the King of Pop. However according to some fans, the event was an absolute shambles, with some fans demanding ticket refunds. Jackson who is now rarely seen in public since being cleared of child abuse charges, appeared on stage with a children’s choir, after collecting a lifetime achievement award. However he stunned fans by only singing a couple of lines of “We are the World”, stopping to say “I love you, I love you”, to the crowd, as he was booed off the stage. The troubled star also angered fans by not stopping to greet them outside the ceremony. He was so nervous that the show’s embarrassed and angry organisers had spent over an hour persuading him to go on stage. Many fans say they were misled after being told that Jackson would be performing a version of his hit “Thriller” at the ceremony. It seems that Michael Jackson has a long way to go before he can reclaim his title as the King of Pop.

Photo:- Courtesy of BBC Website


Jackie said...

I personally think he will become a recluse as he is already in self imposed exile. Saw him on TV getting some award with just a few people in an office. First time I have seen him look relaxed in ages.

Naomi said...

Yes he's rarely seen nowadays. Michael was in Bahrain for a while but we heard a rumour he was looking for a home in England.