Sunday, November 05, 2006


It seems that Britons are now constantly under surveillance with “Big Brother” watching our every move. According to a recent report Britain is the most spied upon nation in the free world, with a rise in CCTVs, speed cameras, internet monitoring and other sophisticated equipment monitoring our every move. Monitoring of travel, work rates and telecommunications is also on the increase. So now we know!


Sheila said...

My husband thought my posting about this very same subject was a tad paranoid. I think not. As long as we accept the intrusions we will continue to have more imposed. I especially hate the idea that in the U.S., the FBI can go into the libraries and see what people have been reading. I know we have no choice in some situations, but some reasons are not necessary.

Naomi said...

I think it's like a lot of things, you have to strike a happy medium. Otherwise you'll just end up with a paranoid society of people looking over their shoulder all the time. I didn't know the FBI could go into libraries like that. Gosh that's scary and taking things a bit too far, I think.