Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I smiled to myself as I read about the villagers who were planning to hold a free Xmas party for all the residents. They had to get permission from their local council to hold the party and were told that they would have to carry out a detailed risk assessment of the food and entertainment first before permission could be given! Apparently the main area of importance was the mince pies with council bosses ordering that a poster must be put up saying they contained nuts and were made from suet pastry! The heat of the hot chocolate and the quantity of cocoa it contains must also be checked! Is this bureaucracy gone mad? It is Christmas and this is a village party. Or have council workers nothing better to do? If I was one of the villagers I would be tempted to call off the party and put up a poster saying party cancelled, blame the council!

Meanwhile the cash-strapped NHS is offering free dancing lessons to obese people in a pilot scheme running in some areas of the country. Apparently the NHS is paying for the lessons and ministers say it's a good investment as it will save the NHS money in the long run by encouraging obese people to get fit. It seems like the government has gone mad. With the current state of the NHS, surely the money would be better spent elsewhere.

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