Sunday, December 03, 2006


Tony Blair has unveiled plans to change the face of education in our schools by 2008. Under new plans, children will be taught skills more relevant to their everyday lives, skills that will help them find work and raise a family. English classes will include lessons in how to write a job application letter and create a good C.V. Maths will include lessons on tax and saving and schoolkids will also be taught how to cook basic healthy meals for themselves as part of the new national curriculum. It's high time that the face of education changed to take account of changing times. So many things taught in schools nowadays are just not relevant to life in the outside world. With many illiterate and innumerate youngsters still leaving school, this has to be good news for everybody.

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Sheila said...

Last year, my son's English teacher had the class create a C.V. or resume to my fellow Americans. It has come in handy now that he's applying for college.