Sunday, December 17, 2006


An official enquiry into Princess Diana’s death has concluded that her death was the result of a tragic accident, putting an end to conspiracy theories. Perhaps now Diana can finally be allowed to rest in peace. Many of us will never be able to accept that she is gone, Diana was such a beautiful and vibrant woman and so full of life. People will still continue to speculate as to what actually happened. Diana may have died in a tragic car crash but her memory will live on forever in our hearts. She was truly an icon and we will never forget her. But we also have to remember her sons William and Harry, two young men who are trying to live their lives in the public spotlight. It must be very difficult and upsetting for them with all the conspiracy theories flying around as to how their mother died, bringing all the memories flooding back of that tragic night. Now that the inquest is concluded, maybe they too can now be left to get on with their lives.

Photo:- Courtesy of Associated Press Photographs and Yahoo

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