Saturday, December 30, 2006


Probably the most heartwarming story of this Christmas season is that of the Colombian born woman known only as Alba, who finally went home after spending a month in hospital, after becoming the first woman to have a double hand transplant. Alba who lost her own hands in a laboratory explosion in the seventies described her new hands as being, “beautiful”. The pioneering operation was carried out in Spain, giving Alba the best Christmas present she could ever have, the chance to regain her independence and lead a normal life again. We wish her well.

The funniest story of the season is probably that of the German man who planned to visit his girlfriend in Sydney, Australia but actually arrived in Sidney, Montana, USA and all because of spelling Sydney with an “I” instead of a “Y”, when he did his internet flight booking. This poor man’s geography is obviously as good as mine! Apparently he realised he was in the wrong destination after flying over the snow-capped mountains of Montana! Fortunately he finally managed to reach his Australian destination some five days later than planned after relatives clubbed together to buy him another air ticket!

The saddest story of the season is that of the oil rig workers who were all killed in a tragic helicopter crash in the Irish sea off the Lancashire coast, as they flew home to spend the latter part of the holiday season with their loved ones. Some of these poor men still had unwrapped Christmas presents waiting under the tree at their homes. This was a terrible tragedy. Christmas should be a time of rejoicing and happiness not sadness. Our hearts go out to the families of these men at this very sad time

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