Sunday, December 03, 2006


Health Minister Patricia Hewitt announced the date of Britain’s long awaited smoke ban in public places, describing it as a “triumph for public health”. The ban which affects all public places including pubs, restaurants, clubs and offices will come into effect on 1st July next year. Ms Hewitt believes the ban will save thousands of people’s lives, by encouraging them to give up the evil weed and protect the health of thousands of others from passive smoking. Scientific evidence shows that a range of serious medical conditions and deaths are caused by inhaling second hand smoke. These include lung cancer and heart disease.


Sheila said...

I used to hate that when we traveled to Italy there was so much smoking in places like restaurants. The last time we went I noticed a big change. Glad you will have the ban soon. In our city, a restaurant must choose to be either smoking or non-smoking and there are only a few that have chosen to be smoking. My husband knew a bartender who developed lung cancer and sadly he died from it at a young age. It does impact our health.

Naomi said...

Yes my dad died from lung cancer after many years of heavy smoking. But passive smoking causes a lot of unnecessary deaths too. Many people smoke in Italy and in Europe because cigarettes are so cheap. I noticed it when I was in Italy and France.