Sunday, August 19, 2007


Many experts have cited global warming as one of the main causes of some of the heavy rain and flooding we have experienced this year in England. However according to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), it is also responsible for a decline in the number of certain birds visiting Britain in the Wintertime. Apparently the warmer Winters now mean that many birds no longer need to migrate to the U.K. from places like Greenland and Siberia.

I have a bird table on my back garden containing water, bags of nuts and other little treats for any feathered visitors. In years gone by, the table used to attract loads of birds of all shapes and sizes and I enjoyed watching them through the window. I wondered where all the birds had gone as hardly any have been there at all this year. Now I know. Global warming it seems is having an effect on Britain’s bird population too.


S H A H said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs. I hope you dont mind 2 accept me ur freind :)))

Frm another site of the world


Palm Springs Savant said...

My mom lives in Northern New Hampshire (just on the Canadian border) and she has a dozen bird feeders. I swear she feeds all the birds in New Hampshire all winter long. Hope your birdies return.

Naomi said...

Hi Shah, Thanks for visiting Diary from England. I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

Hi Rick, Gosh that's a lot of bird feeders your mum has! I bet she gets a lot of birds visiting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed mine come back!

Marion said...

With all the construction going on in my neighbourhood, some of the shyer birds only come by on weekends, when the noise is in abeyance.

You're right, however, there are not as many. We've had some awful storms, may have thrown them off course.

Naomi said...

I never thought about that Marion. The heavy rain and storms could have sent the birds off course. I smiled when you said the more shy birds only come at weekends, they're like humans in that they don't like the noise of construction equipment!

Sheila said...

Hope the birds return. Before long these small (but really big) changes might convince the naysayers that global warming is real and the consequences are now.

Naomi said...

Yes the consequences of global warming and losing are birdie visitors are sad Sheila. It's just not the same without them!