Monday, August 27, 2007


It seems Britain’s heavy rains and washed out Summer have a lot to answer for. According to recent figures, the bad weather has resulted in a boom in online shopping with July’s sale figures alone topping £4billion. As more and more people chose to stay at home and indoors, Britons went shopping online rather than going out and hitting the high street. Popular items bought over the net included electrical goods such as mp3 players, digital cameras and laptops. Sales of clothing, shoes and related accessories were also popular. Unfortunately this has resulted in a lot of lost business for retailers and shopkeepers. I was out shopping the other day and noticed many items, particularly clothing, drastically reduced in price in a lot of the places I went into. Now I know why. It must be very difficult for retail businesses to keep going nowadays as the internet is a tempting alternative for many customers.

In addition massive numbers of Britons are leaving the U.K. to start a new life abroad, with Australia being the favourite destination. Apparently the main reasons for them leaving are Britain’s bad weather, rising crime, the economy and immigration, as Britain struggles to cope with the record numbers of foreign immigrants that arrive here every day.

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