Monday, August 27, 2007


It’s funny how people use the expression, “Pink for a girl and blue for a boy”. However according to researchers at Newcastle University, it seems there may be a good reason for our colour choices. Two hundred men and women in their twenties were asked to choose their favourite from a group of colours on a computer screen. Apparently the majority of men chose blue and women chose pink. I was quite interested to hear this as pink is actually my favourite colour.

The researchers believe that the reason why a lot of men and women choose these colours goes back to caveman days, when the men were the hunters. Apparently the men would look up at the sky before they went off hunting and if they saw a blue sky, it made them happy as it signalled good weather. Whilst the men were out hunting, the women would gather ripe reddish pink fruits. So it seems as we have evolved over the years there has always been a connection between pink and blue. So now we know.

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