Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Britain’s weather has finally taken a turn for the better. It looks like summer has finally arrived as we have now had 3 days in a row with bright sunshine and no rain. Many British holidaymakers are now heading to beaches all over the country to soak up some sunshine. However holidaymakers in Cornwall are wary of venturing into the water after a shark was photographed swimming near the coast of St Ives, a popular Cornish seaside resort. The creature was described as “huge”.

Experts who have studied the photo, (taken by a tourist) confirmed that the shark was large enough to be a Great White. An Australian expert stated that there was no doubt in his mind it was a Great White and that her mate would be close by. However Cornish coastguards have dismissed the claims as “scaremongering” and “utter rubbish”. Meanwhile Cornish fishermen claim to have caught a large fish, which experts claim is a porbeagle, a fish related to the Great White but not as dangerous. A very fishy tale by all accounts!



That would really be scary if it were true but if it would be me, I wouldn't go into the water anyway.
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Marion said...

Hmmm...a fishy tale indeed! With global warming, all sorts of birds fly off their usual path...perhaps fish,etc. are doing the same.

Not great for the tourist industry, at any rate!

Naomi said...

Certainly would Friday! I never swim in the sea and am even less likely to go in now!

I agree Marion. It's like the whale that we had in London. No it's not great for the tourist industry, especially with people flocking to the beaches and thinking it's safe to go into the water!