Saturday, August 11, 2007


Many Britons are reluctant to get rid of their old mobile phones when they upgrade to a new one. Instead they prefer to hoard their old phones at home, according to the results of a recent T Mobile survey. They estimate that there are currently over 52 million redundant mobiles in Britain, gathering dust in people’s cupboards and drawers. T Mobile have launched a new scheme to encourage Britons to recycle their old phones. Recycling bags will automatically be given to everyone purchasing a new phone and can also be collected from any T Mobile store. The proceeds from the old phones will be given to each customer or a charity of their choice. I remember when I upgraded my mobile phone. As some of my readers know, I’ve always loved trees. I got a recycling bag from The Woodland Trust and sent my phone to them to go towards planting more trees. Another great idea to recycle your phone! For more information go to the link shown below:-

The Woodland Trust

Still on the subject of mobile phones, an American man has had his thumbs “whittled” in a new surgical procedure, to make it easier for him to hit the right buttons on his iPhone. What next!


Palm Springs Savant said...

Guilty. I have several old mobiles at home. I need to do something about it, thanks for the inspiration Naomi. And OMG "thumb whittling?????" that is SO disgusting.

Naomi said...

You're welcome Rick. I can't believe someone would have surgery like that just to use a phone! Yes it is disgusting. Apparently the man looks quite strange now as he has big hands and tiny thumbs!