Monday, August 13, 2007


I was very sad to hear of the death of fellow Mancunian Anthony Wilson. (He came from Manchester as I myself do). Affectionately known as “Mr Manchester”, Tony Wilson helped to put Manchester on the map for it’s vibrant nightlife and music. Tony Wilson was a well known and popular Granada tv presenter and long-time host of teatime news show Granada Reports. Tony founded Factory Records, the label behind many famous Manchester bands including The Happy Mondays and New Order, giving help, encouragement and inspiration to a lot of bands who wouldn’t have otherwise made it. He later set up The Hacienda nightclub which became famous for playing host to such bands as Oasis and The Stone Roses and also superstar Madonna.

Tony Wilson’s life was documented in the movie, “24 Hour Party People”, in which Steve Coogan portrayed him. Tony passed away on Friday evening at the comparatively young age of 57, after battling kidney cancer. A great ambassador for Manchester, he will be sadly missed.

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