Sunday, February 24, 2008


Whatever has happened to Mohammed Al Fayed? I met Mr Al Fayed in Harrods a few years ago and I found him a very nice man, polite and charming not at all like the press like to paint him. However hearing his rants at Diana’s inquest this week, you have to feel sorry for him. Looking a shadow of his former self, I seriously believe Mr Al Fayed needs professional help and counselling. Consumed by grief, his mental state is very fragile and he is unable to accept the fact that his son Dodi has gone and let him and Diana rest in peace. Holding the inquest is only prolonging the agony for those left behind, including Mr Al Fayed and dragging up the past. It is also a costly and expensive waste of taxpayers’ money, with the cost running into millions of pounds. Many people say that if Mr Al Fayed was so keen to hold the inquest that he should be prepared to pay for it himself out of his own pocket and I have to agree.

The deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi were the result of a tragic accident, but still Mr Al Fayed insists that they were murdered as part of some bizarre establishment plot. He is incensed, like a dog with a bone and unable to let go. All those who have lost loved ones sympathise with Mr Al Fayed and understand the way he feels but there comes a time when you have to put the past to rest, let loved ones rest in peace and move on. If Mr Al Fayed continues to live in the past, it will eventually destroy him. What about Princes William and Harry? It’s not very nice for them, having intimate details of their mother’s death dragged up again after all these years. It must be very upsetting for them. Describing Diana’s 20 years of hell with a Dracula family and calling Prince Phillip a Nazi who should go back to Germany won’t help anyone. It is just further proof of Mr Al Fayed’s increasingly delicate mental state and further press fodder for his critics to gloat on. It is also very insensitive to the feelings of the loved ones Diana left behind. Unfortunately Mr Al Fayed’s outbursts were more fitting to a pantomime than an inquest and he has now succeeded in losing whatever respect and sympathy the people of Britain had for him. Diana’s inquest has been turned into a media circus. What a sad state of affairs.

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Sank said...

I agree with you 100% Naomi. While the behaviors of the Royals during that whole mess was nothing short of despicable, I can't stand these stupid conspiracy folks who are always looking to bend reason and put aside logic to come up with demons which don't really exist. Can you say JFK?
I like Occam's Razor in these deals, the easiest most plausible answer usually wins. Diana's tragic death is completely explained by the accident it is.

Naomi said...

Glad you enjoyed the post Sank. Even though the Royals have their faults, the conspiracy theories don't help anyone. Nice to see you again.

Sandy Carlson said...

I didn't even realize this was going on. I've learned in my own humble world that it's best to say nothing about others' families, particularly when divorce is involved. Too much pain. There are hurts that never go away, as this sad, sad situation shows.

Naomi said...

This is a very sad situation Sandy. So much hurt and pain. It's particularly sad for the family Diana left behind.