Sunday, February 17, 2008


Congratulations to British singer Amy Winehouse on her Grammys win. It’s nice to see her looking fit and healthy again after her battle with drugs. Unable to obtain a visa in time, Amy’s performance was beamed via satellite from London to the L.A. event with the American audience giving her a standing ovation. Winehouse had been nominated for six awards and won five – Record and Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album for Back to Black and Best Female Pop Vocal.
Looking and sounding great, an overwhelmed Amy hugged her mum Janis and dedicated her win to her family. The star proved she was back on the straight and narrow again by sticking to fruit juice all night, whilst those around her celebrated with alcohol. Earlier in the week, Amy’s dad thanked a British tabloid for publishing photos of the singer allegedly taking drugs, saying it shocked her into getting treatment. Amy is one of Britain’s most talented singers. Well done to her!

Photo:- Courtesy of Yahoo News


Palm Springs Savant said...

I only heard about her a month or so ago. I am so out of touch with the singers!

Cindy Swanson said...

I truly hope Amy Winehouse is on the road to recovery! She has too much talent to waste on a life of substance addiction. I wish her all the best. She has an amazing voice!

Naomi, thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I haven't read your e-mail yet because I'm having e-mail issues, but I should be able to get to it tomorrow.

Sandy Carlson said...

Good for her, and good on the dad for turning tabloid sensationalism into the fuel for change! He must be a very wise person to handle things like this.

Sank said...

Wow, a bit of a difference Naomi. While I would agree that she's very talented, I thought she looked "like hell" on the show. Matter of fact I thought she was wasted as she couldn't hardly make a statement..

I think she's a sad case.

Naomi said...

I know what you mean Rick! Amy is a really good singer.

She certainly does Cindy. Hope you enjoy the links I e-mailed across.

Amy's dad did the right thing Sandy. Hopefully she is now back on the right track again.

It is sad Sank but I think we just have to give Amy a chance. I don't know about wasted but I did think Amy looked very thin. She is getting help now so hopefully is back on the straight and narrow again.