Sunday, February 24, 2008


According to the results of a recent world study, Britain is experiencing the biggest “brain drain” for 50 years, with record numbers of professionals leaving the country for pastures new. The main reasons given for the move are bad weather, rising house prices and taxes. No surprises there then. Many doctors, teachers and engineers have now emigrated, lured by the prospect of a better lifestyle abroad. Many English speaking countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. have received a mass exodus of Brits whilst popular holiday destinations such as Spain and France have also received a large influx of British immigrants. With the rising costs of petrol, food, water, gas and electricity in this country, coupled with rising crime rates, it’s not surprising so many people are leaving. Britain is becoming an increasingly more expensive and violent place to live. If things don’t improve, many more people, including myself will be tempted to join them.


Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

That's really sad... The flat prices in Moscow raised in 4 times for several (I think 5) years. And people are leaving too.

By the way my cousin and her husband got to Great Britain about 15 or more years ago, they both work in Sheffield's University and got citizenship. Their daughters are in Cambridge now, am going to work next year.

Hope situation in Great Britain and will improve... Really, we all need improving situation in our countries!
Svet and Kyle

Anonymous said...

All countries have their faults, although Britain seems to have more than its fair share now. I left the UK 16 years ago, have never regretted doing so and, the reasons why I would not return keep increasing.

Naomi said...

Yes it is sad Svet and Kyle. Property prices have risen so much in England lately too. I think it's the same the world over. It's so difficult for young people nowadays to get a foot on the property ladder. Didn't realise you had family over here. I hope the situation improves in both our countries. Nice to see you both again.

Naomi said...

It's such a shame the way things are going here Pamela. I can understand why so many people leave England for a better life abroad. You're just one example of many. Nice to see you again.