Saturday, February 09, 2008


According to a recent survey by UK TV Gold, more than half the viewers who took part believed that Arthur Conan’s Doyle’s fictional character of Sherlock Holmes was a real person who lived on Baker Street with his sidekick Watson. They also believed that fictional pilot Biggles actually existed in the flesh too! However they believed that Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill (one of this country’s greatest leaders) and Florence Nightingale were all fictional characters created for books and movies! Shame on you! It seems that many Brits find it hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction!


Pamela Heywood said...

He he, I love your headline Naomi. Actually, I did know which were real and fictional characters, but I still think I lost my grip a long time ago. :)

Sheila said...

We Americans aren't any better. Ha.

Naomi said...

Glad you like the title Pamela. I lost my grip a while ago too! Ha ha! Nice to see you again.

I'm sure people are the same the world over Sheila!