Saturday, September 15, 2007


I was sorry to hear of the sudden death of Anita Roddick, who died this week of a massive brain haemorrhage at the comparatively young age of 64. Anita revealed last year that she was suffering from Hepatitis C, contracted after a massive blood transfusion, following the birth of her youngest daughter. Anita was an inspiration to all of us, with her tireless campaigning for social and environmental issues. Together with her husband Gordon, she founded the Big Issue magazine which is sold in Britain to help homeless people.

But Anita is best known as founder of The Body Shop. Founded in 1976, the small business selling toiletries made from natural ingredients soon grew to become a global phenomena, with stores all over the world. Anita campaigned for green issues through her business. Customers were given a discount if they brought back empty bottles to be re-filled. Recycling was something that was virtually unknown at that time. In addition Anita’s products were all manufactured using Fair Trade ingredients and the company was against animal testing. Prime Minister Gordon Brown described her as, “A true pioneer and an inspiration to women throughout the country”. Anita received a Damehood in 2004. and caused controversy when she sold The Body Shop to L’Oreal last year, a company which is still involved in animal testing. As her health deteriorated, Anita sold the Body Shop to enable her to spend more time on the causes closest to her heart. She will be sadly missed by us all. I love The Body Shop’s products. One of my friends bought me a lovely Moonflower toiletry set which I’m using at the moment. To read more about The Body Shop, follow the link shown below:-

The Body Shop


Sheila said...

Yes, I too thought this was too early for her to go. We never know do we if a sudden illness will fall upon us? She lived a full life and a good one it seems.

Naomi said...

It was so sad Sheila. Anita was a great inspiration to us all and achieved so much in her lifetime. It just goes to show you can't take anything for granted. You never know when illness will strike. I think you just have to try to live each day to the full and enjoy it.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Naomi- I had no idea, thanks for lettingus know. I too like the Body Shop products.

Naomi said...

Yes it was all very sudden and very sad Rick. But Anita leaves the legacy of her wonderful products and all the good causes she supported as a lasting memory.

John C said...


If I hadn't picked up on your blog and taken the time to go through it, I wouldn't have learned of this or Anita's connection to The Body Shop.

The last meeting I had a few weeks ago with the head of our local homeless coalition brought to light the attempt of creating a local street magazine for Jacksonville...and The Big Issue was mentioned.


Naomi said...

Yes that is ironic John. The Big Issue was one of the wonderful legacies Anita left behind. It's proved very popular here in England and funds from it help many homeless people every year. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your visit here.