Sunday, September 23, 2007


While buying business phone systems for your workplace might not cost as much as steel buildings it's still a very good idea to read up on business phones before you invest money into a phone system that doesn't work, just as you would for buying copiers if you aren't familiar with them.

Tens of thousands of Britons are expected to purchase the eagerly awaited IPhone when it hits our shores later this year. The IPhone has proved to be incredibly popular in the States with over a million phones already being sold since their launch in June. The hi-tech phone has all the features of the popular IPod and also features broadband access.

Apple expects to sell 10 million of the phones worldwide next year. Described by experts as not just a phone but a fantastic piece of technology, the phone would have to be something special to warrant its £269 price tag! However it seems the high price tag is no deterrent and many gadget-loving Britons will be adding the phone to their Christmas list.


Jackie said...

I have had the same features here in South Africa on my cellphone/mobile for two years but can't be bothered to use them seeing I am on the net anyway and would need a magnifying glass to see anything anyway LOL

Naomi said...

I never see the point of gadgets like that myself Jackie. I prefer to have a mobile and a separate computer. I'm not very technical with things like that!

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Hi Naomi!

Do you understand why all the people get so excited about iPhone. One my colleague is going to get such from America in couple weeks already unlocked for any cell-provider /because all Internet already knows how to break it, he told me ;)/. He is so excited about this, showed me a video from apple-site... As for me I don't think that it is really comfortable to type on screen this little device. Keyboard on the screen is too little compare to fingers. As for me I am absolutely OK with my Qtek 9100 with slid keyboard, don't think that one day I would like something more than this communicator.

But you are right people are excited and looking forward! Great post!

Best wishes!

Naomi said...

I agree Svetlana, the keyboard on the IPhone is far too tiny and I think the screen is difficult to see as well, particularly if you have bad eyesight like me! I'm sticking with my normal full-sized computer for now. Nice to see you both again.