Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I smiled when I heard that Harrods department store had hired their very own slithery security guard, in the shape of a deadly Egyptian cobra for the launch of their exclusive luxury haute couture shoe collection on Monday. The cobra’s task was to protect the luxury shoe collection which included a pair of ruby, sapphire and diamond encrusted sandals with a £62,000 price tag (Wow do people really pay that much for a pair of shoes!). A Harrods spokesman stated that the slithery security guard had just been hired for Monday’s launch and won’t be around all the time. I’m sure the collection was very secure. With a deadly snake like that around I’m sure everyone would be treading carefully!

Photo:- Courtesy of Yahoo News


Sheila said...

Oh Naomi, this is a good post. Imagine a thief coming upon a deadly snake. Just the mere fact of publicity should deter any sane crook. I'm with you on the price tag. It's a shame people are so extravagant with money that could be used to help someone instead of indulging their materialism.

Miss Trashahassee said...


I think I'd go barefoot for the rest of my life before I'd try to outsmart a snake guarding a pair of shoes.

Neat post!

Miss T

Naomi said...

Even if I was very wealthy Sheila, I could never justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes when there is so much poverty in the world.

I'm with you Miss T. Snakes are very cunning creatures. I certainly wouldn't want to upset a snake like that!

Glad you both enjoyed the post.